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We provide personalized advice to support students and their families in the college application process by focusing on fit.  Careful planning of this process should help save time, money and emotional resources.

We want students to have a successful school application experience and ultimately help increase college engagement rates by helping them find the most appropriate schools for their goals and backgrounds.

We encourage you to schedule a free no-commitment session to discuss how we can work together.

Independent College Counseling


The college application culture changes constantly: The digital revolution has changed it, the flow of information and globalization influence these changes as well. Expectations, external pressure and rumors can add stress to this journey...But they shouldn't!

Starting as early as the 9th grade, students should focus on the specific stages of the application preparation until they find the best matching colleges for them. The school counselor plays a critical role in supporting students through the phases of this process; however the student-to-school-counselor ratio in the USA is higher than recommended by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).

That's why the independent college consultant, ICC is available to advise you in the various stages of the application process while still encouraging you to enjoy your high school years and gain empowerment.

About 160,000 students worldwide consult or hire an ICC to aid with college admissions.

The ICC stays up to date with information and data involving college application to alleviate the stress and provide support to those families who ask for it.

We would love to hear about you and see if we can help you. Visit our booking page to have a free session with us.

Smiling Student

“The results were provided promptly and [were] a very accurate reflection of my personality …It was easy and fun to learn more about myself”

Cristina (junior)


Moorhead, MN 56560


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