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We are ready to help you with your college application planning, by offering various counseling services:

*Long term planning of class and activities selection

*Evaluations to support major/program selection

*Advice with drafting college list 

*Essay brainstorming and revision

*Revision of college application documents

*Assistance with scholarship application

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If you have another request, not listed here, contact us!

We can work with English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients.

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We want to see you succeed!

We’ll be happy to learn more about you, evaluate if we can help you, and prepare a personalized service package for you.



For non government and community organizations that work with youths in the stage of middle and high school we offer workshops emphasizing personal and professional growth, where we review the benefits of secondary and post-secondary education, we discuss the data demonstrating the relationship between economic independence and post-secondary education. 

We review the elements composing the college application portafolio.

We include self-discovery exercises to aid in planning extra-curricular activities, vocational interests and help with major selection.

We also review information concerning available financial resources and scholarships to support the expenses associated to college and university attendance.

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